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06 Jan 2020

What's the weather like in Malaysia?


There are two monsoons that hit Peninsular Malaysia each year. The eastern side gets hit the hardest between early November and the end of March from the northeast monsoons with much rainfall and thunderstorms. A mountain range that cuts through the centre of the country provides a light shield to the eastern monsoon, but Kuala Lumpur and other cities on the west still receive much rainfall and storms during this time. From May to September, there is another monsoon that comes from the west and hits places like Kuala Lumpur directly, bringing the most rainfall to Kuala Lumpur.

This means that for most of the year, Kuala Lumpur is peppered with showers and occasional thunderstorms. The driest periods are usually between May and July, where there is a respite from the monsoon seasons. However, the storms when they do come are relatively short, and the rains actually bring a cooling atmosphere to the city. For tourists and visitors, this means that Kuala Lumpur is suitable for visits all-year-round, with no particular period or season to avoid.

Borneo has an equatorial climate.

Sarawak has a monsoon season between October and February while Sabah’s wettest period is November to February. Don’t be deterred! The rain may be heavy but intermittent – and it’s cooling.

It’s tropical – so be prepared for some rain anytime during your stay.

Daytime temperatures range between 22 and 32°C whilst in the Mount Kinabalu region the temperature drops to 15-22°C

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